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Luxury Vinyl Tile

Luxury vinyl tile, and luxury vinyl plank otherwise known as LVT and LVP flooring are versatile, beautiful and suitable for most any budget. The latest design trends focus on natural, realistic visuals. There are dozens of luxury vinyl tile and luxury vinyl plank floors that look and feel like the natural materials that inspired them. Today’s cutting-edge print technology produces realistic-looking designs that replicate woods, stones and other natural materials. All intended to create a beautiful floor. Most luxury vinyl tile and luxury vinyl plank floors have a protective coating which offers the best stain protection, and some offer antimicrobial protection which guards against stain and odor-causing bacteria on the surface.

LVT, and LVP floors are inherently water resistant (and fairly impervious to wet spills from above). Scratch, stain, dent and scuff resistant specialized wear layers (most common are 20 mil; some offer up to a 40 mil layer). Then the floors are coated with urethane to enhance durability. Economics factor favorably into the specification of Luxury Vinyl Tile Flooring for both commercial and residential applications, giving the look and feel of rich, natural materials at a lower cost.


Since most LVT, LVP flooring is also constructed to withstand commercial wear and tear, it’s ideal for residential high-traffic areas as well as other areas of the home. More resilient than other hard surface floors because there are multi-layers of vinyl in LVT, LVP flooring as well as a resilient backing as the foundation, LVT tiles and planks have more resilience underfoot. It’s easier to stand on for long periods of time and as an added benefit, it tends to be warmer underfoot than ceramic.


The color and style options in luxury vinyl flooring are spectacular and have been designed to give you the look and feel of its natural counterpart. Choose among a wide range of styles from had scraped to time worn. If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then hardwood flooring, metal and natural stone tiles have never been more complimented.  Talk to any of our experienced sales staff to find out more about designing your home or business with LVT or LVP today.

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